Texas StarToday my wife and I took the girls to the Texas State Fair here in Dallas. We had been looking forward to it for quite some time and I found myself getting into the exitement with the girls from seeing their eyes almost pop out from excitement. We got there around 9am and found to a nice surprise as there was not that much traffic. I guess its because we came so late in the month and its probably also because it is on a Friday not on a holiday. Either way, there was  not a big crowd and the weather was perfect. We took the girls to see the animals first in spite of the pleas to hit the fast rides. They enjoyed it as I knew they would. We then went to the Texas Star which is the largest Ferris Wheel in Texas. It was not bad, just very short for an expensive ride. Tonja said it was sort of a historical ride since it is the most famous attraction here. She has a way of explaining things to me.

 In all we had quite a lot of fun together. It was not what I expected and probably will not go back soon, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We would prefer Six Flags over the State Fair (unless its the Cotton Bowl). The girls got their thrill-rides and Tonja was impressed at their courage admitting it would probably make her sick. I got my thrills out of seeing that look on their faces as they came around them bend screaming. Gotta post some pictures for you.

 Grace and peace,