Last week in Studies in Doctrine Class we studied the history of the English Bible and I mentioned that I would give the PowerPoint to whoever wanted to. I did not mainly because it was quite a big file to send over the Internet. I have found it slow when trying to send a 4MB file through my mail account so I am placing the file on the this Silent Matters so you can download it yourself. Download the Bible Timeline Powerpoint here.

I mentioned one English translation called the Geneva Bible which was first printed around 1560AD. Tonja found out that Tolle Lege publication was, after all these years, bringing it back and the hard cover and Leather editions are now available for purchase this month. it is called the 1599 Geneva Bible because that edition was the most popular. You will remember the Geneva Bible was the first to have chapter and verse numbers and also had study notes which got it in trouble with the king of England.