Jeff and MarshaToday the Living Stones group met for a picnic at a picnic near Tyler and we could not have asked for better weather. I think the community is called Hideaway which is an appropriate name since it is a closed/gated community. Nice golf course and lake but we met at the a picnic place (confusing Kinna) with plenty of space and things to keep the children occupied for a while. I found myself addicted to a game… cannot really remember what you call it; maybe someone can help me here… [Editors note: Shuffleboard] here is a picture of Jeff telling Marsha where to slide the piece (puck?).

Tonja, the girls and I were among the first to arrive (Marsha, Jeff and Jennifer were there before us) so we had a chance to enjoy ourselves playing the game and relaxing in the cool shade. Mark and Jo Ellen arrived next and Mark took over grill duties before others began popping up (The smell of food does attract Baptists). The food was quite good but I think I may have sinned from eating more than I should. I surely was punished because right after we ate our fill, we formed a kickball team. When I was young, my scout master told me not to swim right after you eat and I think this should apply to kickball as well.

Neall formed the teams, but it seemed that all the short (young) people made their way onto our group. It was a pleasant surprise to find these shorties were quite talented at kicking balls so it did help us quite a bit. It was a fun game and got heated at moments. Kickball, apparently, is becoming a very popular recreational sport in America but it isn’t your childhood game. Most rules are the same, but rules have been added to make it a more competitive sport such as two outs instead of the typical three outs, a small “kickers box” that prevents you from having a running start to kick the ball, and two foul balls is a strikeout.The next picture is of Tonja and Jennifer. Tonja and Jennifer CrashIt looks like they are asking for forgiveness from some horrible sin, but it is really nothing bad. They are just screaming in pain from from crashing into each other.

In the end, the shorties won the game. I had a very good time with my Christian brothers and sisters (despite constant heckling from certain persons who will remain anonymous). Thanks to Marsha for planning this. Look forward to the next one.

Grace and peace,