Michel FamilyGod has really poured his grace on the Michel family by providing for them a wonderful place to call their own. Today, Jesus and Nohemi with their two sons Jesse and Jimmy welcomed family and friends to their warm home in Dallas and everyone had a very nice time. For those of you who are not familiar with them, Jesus and Nohemi are two faithful members of SFC and If you had ever visited SFC before, you probably would have notice them there.

 Getting GiftsJesus tells of how he was not sure if he would get the house, but that he had bidded on another house which he did not get. When he noticed the house he wanted was still for sale, the owner invited him in to look around. Jesus and Nohemi really like it and knew it was God’s providence bringing them to their current house and thank Him for his grace and kindness.

The house is a very nice three bedroom house with a two-car garage and it is a blessing to me to see them happy and I pray the house will bring many years of joy to them and their family. They are really wonderful people.

Jean Trussell, Dianne Loeb, Elizabeth Young, Charlotte Contereras, and Karen Thomas OpenHousewere very kind to help in arranging everything for the open house and allowed Jesus and Nohemi to be wonderful Hosts. The food was great and company, as always, pleasant. The kids enjoyed themself quite a bit as well.

Grace and peace,