Yesterday we we had a fellowship in back Church parking lot and it was an enjoyable time. Like many fellowships we have, it is never a perfect flow of events. There was a nice turnout and we were fortunate to have Norman to light the charcoals because the other guys (including me) weren’t much use. Then the nice day brought dark clouds and we gathered under the cover until the rain began to pour hard so we went inside. Still, we can never have enough rain in these parts so we thanked God for the blessing of the rain and shelter from the storm. Some came in and played cards while others watched “End of the Spear” or chatted away. When 9pm arrived we got to witness some rather spectacular fireworks. The children simply loved it and the adults as well.

Indepedence day usually makes me think of God freeing Israel from Egypt as well as Christ freeing us from the bondage we have to sin. I pray we will all contiune to be freed from our burdens as we apply the redemption of Christ to our lives.