The evening began with an introduction to the missionary needs of Central Eastern Europe with Severa Trevino speaking from experience and of God’s work in the region. Severa wore traditional Romanian clothes and gave a testimony of the power of prayer and giving.

Ricky Milford, pastor of Faith Baptist Deaf Mission in Alabama. He gave a wonderful message the importance of faith and what it means to us. He read from Hebrews 11:1-2 and said the beginning point of faith is believing in God’s Character and in his promises. He also said that the test of our faith is if we hold to it when the times are hardest. He gave seven points we should follow to increase our faith:

1. Think about God more (Ps 1:2) – That we should mediate on God’s character and marvel at his perfections (Is 26:3)

2. Look more to God (Hebrews 12:2) – Stop looking to the world for answers but turn to God face to face

3. Hear more from God (Ps 85:5) – Don’t let yourself be distracted from God when you are so enamored in the things of the world (TV, Pagers, Internet…)

4. Say more to God (Acts 1:8) – Spend more time in prayer whenever you can.

5. Do more through God (Phil 4:13) – Stop putting off things and believe God will empower you

6. Do more with God (Is 48:17) – Without God, people lose direction in life and faith

7. Be more like God (1 Pet 2:4) – Our faith grows as we follow him.

When Ricky finished his message, Aric Randolph (President of SBCD and pastor of New Life Deaf Fellowship of Fort Worth, Texas) gave a stirring tribute to the power of the Bible and how we tend to try to “improve” the Bible message through our worldly ways. Aric called on all people of God to let the Bible do what it has the power to do alone; change hearts toward God. He reminded us that the Bible was powerful and also trustworthy (inerrant). He pointed out that if the Bible could have mistakes here and there and be right in other places, who has the right to decide which is right and which is wrong. (Let me add that if the Bible could be wrong in one place, it could be wrong in any place because it loses credibility). Aric reminded us that when Jesus was tempted by the devil (Matt 4:1-11) he used Scripture to rebuke the devil every time. We should copy Jesus in that we always should look to Scripture every time we are facing trials. Aric closed with a passage in 2 Timothy 3:5, “having a form of godliness but denying the power.” We need to stop being Christians who fear the world over the Word.

What a wonderful night of worship! I had forgotten to bring my camera, but more will come tomorrow. Now to bed…