This Saturday Charlotte Deaf Mission will be going down Waxhaw, NC to visit and tour JAARS (Jungle Aviation And Radio Service). For those who are riding on the church bus, meet me in the back church parking lot at 8:00am. We leave at 8:15 or “train gone.” For those of you who are driving on your own, here are Dee’s directions:

I am really looking forward to JAARS day next Saturday!

Here are the directions to JAARS from I485 and Providence Road.

I485 and NC-16/Providence Road (10.2 miles)

Turn Left at E S Main st/NC 75/Providence Road/Waxhaw HWY (Railroad tracks)

Continue to follow Providence Road S (2.1 miles)

Across from the Petro Gas keep to the right-stay on Providence Road S

This also says it’s Old Waxhaw Road

Turn right to stay on Providence Road S.

There is a white furniture store sign (0.4 miles)

Turn Right at Davis Road  (2.9 miles)

Please meet in the Townsend Building (which is labeled) in the coffee shop

Wear comfortable walking shoes

There will be things for children to do as well

If you are wondering about the schedule, here it is:

9:15am: Arrival (Briefing for Interpreters) Meet in the Townsend Building Coffee Shop (signs are posted)

9:15-9:50am: Coffee Shop, Chatting;

Dee needs full count of people staying for lunch to inform cafeteria

10:00am: Auditorium; Welcome, Prayer & Announcements by Arthur Lightbody

10:02-10:17: Vision Talk by Phil Baer

10:18-10:23: Video presentation from “For such a Time as This”

10:24-10:40: Skit with Katy and Ken

10:40am: Dismissal to LSC Building across street

10:45-11:00am: LSC Building; sign language software project by Shawn Collins

11:00am-11:30am: Walk over to Aviation; Helio demo at hanger; air presentation

11:35-12:15am: VMS presentation back at Townsend Building; VMS Room; by Phil Baer

12:15pm-1:30pm: Lunch in Cafeteria

Choice of Pizza or Potato Bar*

1:30pm: RIDES: helicopter, small plane or 4-Wheel Drive and small Plane ride

(Each ride is about ½ hour)*

After Rides, groups are free to stay and tour other departments or museums on own

*Dee will need an exact count of rides by 9:45am, day of event.

JAARS will stay open until 4:00pm

*Lunch in Cafeteria $5.00

*Helicopter rides ($20.00), 4-Wheel & small plane rides ($18.00)