It has been a week since the Pastor’s Retreat (and a very busy week) but I have an hour before I have to go out so I will try to post some pictures of the wonderful time we had together. Donnie and Irma Wiltshire were, again, wonderful, wonderful hosts (thanks to BSCNC as well) and it is always a blessing to gather, fellowship, pray, worship, and (thanks to the Marsha’s memory) sing together. This conference was also special because two deaf missionaries from Honduras were also with us, Melvin and Wendy.

let me post some pictures:

Pastors' Fellowship

Kevin, Debbie, Glenda, and Bo

Donnie's idea of Olympics competition (Kinna)

Donnie's Idea of Olympic Competition (Kinna)


Donnie, Irma, and Gena

Mmmm.. lunch on Lake Lure

Mmmm... lunch on Lake Lure


All play and no work makes Jack a difficult report


Melvin and Wendy


Go Fish


You will be missed!

Jerry and Leona Potter will be moving to a little Dutch town in Northern Washington. They will be greatly missed. It was a wonderful blessing to have had fellowship with them once again before they moved.