Steps for Meditating Daily
Morning and Evening

(From Tim Challies’ Interview with Dr. Joel Beeks)

  1. Pray for the power to focus your mind on the Word with faith.
  2. Read the Bible and select a verse or two.
  3. Repeat those verses to yourself in order to memorize them.
  4. Think about what those verses say and imply, probing the book of Scripture (other verses on the same topic), the book of conscience (how you have believed or disbelieved, obeyed or disobeyed), and the book of nature (how this truth appears in experience and the world).
  5. Stir up your affections unto love, desire, grief, hope, zeal, and joy as appropriate. Preach the text to yourself with powerful application.
  6. Arouse your soul to the specific duty which the text requires, making holy resolutions for the glory of God.
  7. Conclude with prayers for divine assistance, thanksgiving for graces given, and singing psalms of praise to God.

In the midst of your efforts to meditate, remember that we do not exercise spiritual disciplines in order to deserve God’s grace, but we do these things because of God’s grace and under God’s grace. We will frequently fail in meditation, and so let us frequently meditate on the blood of Christ which cleanses believers from all sin (1 John 1:9).