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  1. Lucy Says:

    ask you one question. Is paradise the same as Heaven? If yes, pls show me the verses what i like to read the bible about paradise. Thanks

  2. dale Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    In response to your question, the word, “paradise” has been in several different ways on the Bible; Garden of Eden, A place of rest, and heaven to name some or even a state of rest. We personally can use it in different ways, but the theological one should be the same as heaven. I would start with Jesus promising the thief on the cross that he would see him “today” in paradise (Luke 23:43) and then we have Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4 speaking of paradise and heaven in the same sense. Revelations 2:7 also mentions the “paradise of God” which many equate as heaven.

    Hope this helps,


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