Well, it looks like the long ordeal at Gallaudet has come to its conclusion. The Board voted on Sunday to release Jane Fernandes from her GU presidential appointment. GallaudetSomeone asked me how a Deaf Christian should approach this and I responded that if their passion for such an issue is more than their passion for the cause of Christ, then there may be a problem. I was once (without my knowledge) put in a Gallaudet Alumni e-mail discussion group. After reading the posts, I realized what it was; idol worship. One former student said Gallaudet was her salvation. Many others agreed with one saying he would probably not be alive apart from Gallaudet. You may understand now why such an issue creates such fervor in the Deaf World and now will have its spot in the oracles of deaf history.

I appreciate Gallaudet for what it does. I would probably not be the same person had I not gone there but this is due to God’s providence, and not Gallaudet’s. God allowed me to glimpse His marvelous light in the midst of total darkness while I was there. It’s a good school, but like most secular universities, it is… well, secular (worldly).

Speaking of Gallaudet (The man, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet), I found two books written by him and also a commentary set (which I seem to have lost) to children on repentance and the fall of man. If you remember, Gallaudet’s first reason for teaching deaf people was to bring God’s Word to them. Imagine all these people marching with the same zeal to bring Thomas Gallaudet’s original vision to the University. Now pray for that revival.

Seriously, pray.

Grace and peace,